Virtual Trail Running Champs


Run for yourself, run for pride, run for your club… Oh and run for Sports Shoes, Inov8 and Mountain Fuel prizes! 

Prizes will be for category winners along with a selection of random spot prizes.


Races can be entered individually or the whole series.

Each race is £5 with profits going to NHS Charity and there is a charitable donation option if desired but not required. 

Trail Running Champs 
The routes must be off road (see below for exceptions) and must have a positive elevation – No hammering loads of downhill folks in the 10k in particular.

(10k) race anytime between 18/7/20 & 26/7/20

(Half Marathon) race anytime between 25/7/20 & 02/8/20 

(Marathon) race anytime between 15/8/20 & 22/9/20 

(Ultra 50k) race anytime between 15/8/20 & 22/9/20 

Team results will be based on the top 4 counters from each club/team for senior and age categories. You can have different team members per race as long as you have four counters in each one.

The competition is straight forward; 

1. Enter the race(s)

2. The route must be off road (the occasional road crossing or short tarmac links between offroad are allowed). Routes must have a positive route profile, basically don’t start at the top of a hill and then finish on the flat!

3. Race and save your run (using your watch or mobile device) 

4. Submit your GPX file or recorded link (for example strava) to 

5. View and sort results to see where you’ve finished as an individual, as a club (teams will be updated as they are fulfilled). 

6. Download finishers certificate

All timings are based on ‘Elapsed’ time.

Full race details and entry at – 

Charity donation can be made to the NHS at the point of entry.


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GPS Elevation and plotting a route
We suggest you plot your route on a map or using mapping software. We have also described how to plot a route using Strava ( )

However, please bear in mind we will be randomly checking general results and all category winning results.

Can my road feature any tarmac?
We appreciate that some routes may have a short bit of pavement or a road crossing or two so this is acceptable, however if you are aiming to try and win a category we will look at your route and take a view on the amount of pavement or roads you use.

Why charge £5 for a virtual race?
We appreciate that on the surface a ‘Virtual Race’ may appear as if it has no overheads at all, however there are a number of costs involved. These include the costs of the timing website, the manual uploading and verification of each GPX file, general admin (including communication with potential entrants, actual entrants, correspondence with clubs and sponsors) and then also promotion. Some of these are direct expenses, others just take up a whole load of time.

However, we will be donating any profit from the event to NHS Charity, in addition to the discretionary donations that competitors may make. I would envisage this being around £1 to £1.50 per entry, so fingers crossed we can help raise a few quid between us while having a great fun challenge between club members, clubs and individuals 😀

Do you need to be part of an affiliated club to enter?
No, if you want to enter as an individual or even as a non affiliated club you can enter.

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